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Adirondack Chairs: Original Bear Chairs - Sale and free shipping this month!

The Original Bear Chair from Canada is the classic North-American Adirondack Chair made from Western Red Cedar. Clearly the best garden chair, simply the best wood. Red Cedar is light, weather-resistant for decades without treatment and has an aromatic scent of essential Cedar oils. If you want the Original, quality & timeless design, this is it! 

Strongly recommended: Let us smoothly sand and pre-assemble your Original Bear Chairs for you and you get a 15-Year Warranty.  You just have to put the big parts together in 10 min.  Questions? Call us: you will speak directly with us and not some Call-Centre:  Email markus.philipp@ontaria.de ~ Telefon +49 611 360-6260 ~ / Whatsapp /Pico+49 160 977-25149. 

Current Special Offers✔ 15-Year Warranty on assembled chairs✔  Payment after delivery✔

Customer Review from Theo Overboom from Holland: We decided to get our Adirondack Chairs from the Bear Chair Company because these are simply the best. Ontaria in Germany offered the best value for money. Shipping is quick and affordable and they have great Customer Service. I made a mistake, they fixed it right away: GREAT SERVICE, MAGNIFICENT PRODUCT!