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Stickley Furniture Info

Stickley Arts-&-Crafts Mission Furniture-

Inspired by John Ruskin, William Morris and the English Arts-&-Crafts movement in the middle of the 19th century, Gustav and Leopold Stickley introduced their first furniture line, the Mission Oak, at a 1905 trade show in Gand Rapids, Michigan, the innovative collection of "simple furniture built along Mission lines". The simplicity, sturdiness and honesty of those first designs would lay the groundwork for what ultimately would become their famous Craftsman Collection.

These early pieces are coveted by museums and collectors and bring premium bids at auction. In 1999 a record price of $ 597,000 was set for a Stickley sideboard that was designed for his own house on Columbus Ave in Syracuse NY. Experts over the years have recognized Stickley craftsmanship for their purity of form, soundness of construction and fitness of purpose.

Today, at Stickley, a team of skilled artisans and craftspeople builds the old Arts & Crafts Designs, but also a range of newly designed collections built on the old Craftsman ideals.

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